Welcome to my New Blog all about horse Isle 2

I have just started playing horse Isle 2 and I'm doing everything myself so I will update as I have more information so check back often.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

May 8 updates

I've added more to  Jigsaws, Number Jump, Quiz Questions So far and I'm sure more to come as I play Today I have been exploring NarrowTon so most of my updates are for there. I'm thinking about adding a post for the Morse Code games mostly it would just be writing out the codes with the pauses and where they are located.

Quiz Questions

This is list is by no means finished it's just the ones I have completed so far

Q: A planet that has two suns is said to orbit what kind of star system?
A: Binary

Q: What is the large bay or Gulf in Australia called?
A: Gulf of Carpentaria
Q: “National Anthem of Mauritania” is the national anthem of what country?
A: Mauritania

Q: What Force Causes two objects to warm up when rubbed together?
A: Friction

Q: Parrots Have how many toes on each foot?
A: 4

Q: Which Dinosaur was Named for the three horns on it’s head?
A: Triceratops

Q: How Many Seconds in a week?
A: 604800

Q: what country does the Dalmatian come from?
A: Croatia

Friday, May 7, 2010

Time Line

On these I've left the last answer out of place just so I could take the picture

Banana Isle Dock

Logic Dog

Banana Isle near the Dock

Number Jump

Narrowton Inn

Jigsaw Puzzles

NarrowTon Livery Stable
NarrowTon General Store

NarrowTon DeepWell Family Home

NarrowTon FeatherStone Family home

Banana Isle Dockhouse

Tigerton Isle Dock

Tigerton MadamOcelot's Home


Rush Family Home

Mr SunDown's Home

Tigerton Madam Ocelot's Home

NarrowTon Library


Tigerton MissPHilodendron