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I have just started playing horse Isle 2 and I'm doing everything myself so I will update as I have more information so check back often.

Friday, May 7, 2010


Rush Family Home

Mr SunDown's Home

Tigerton Madam Ocelot's Home

NarrowTon Library

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  1. SkyBye,

    The piano game in the Spat's home on GlacierTon has too many notes. It should be:

    Also, there is a bonus (not a quest) in the Spat's home. LilMelody is missing her dolly and if the users goes upstairs and clicks on the bed, they will find a stuffed doll underneath the bed. When they take the doll downstairs and give it to LilMelody, SirSpat will give the user $3000 and 2 bonus points.

    Thank you for putting so much work into this website. I'm in awe of how much you have posted in such a short period of time!